Shrimp fish malaikari

Today we will be learn how to make shrimp fish malaicurry .this is a sweet and spicy curry from india.               Shrimp fish malaikari    Ingredients : · Lobster 5 to 7 pieces · Mustard oil 150 gms · Coconut milk 3 cups · Cow milk 3 cups · Ginger and garlic paste 3 tsp · Cashew nut paste 3 tbsp · Black … Read more

 Malay Kopta Kari

Welcome to my website. Follow this website regularly to get new cooking recipes and to know different types of news.  Let’s start today’s recipe.  Today I will teach you how to make Malai Kopta Kari.  Malay Kopta Kari This is a Indian authentic cuisine and It is very quick to prepare. It is also very … Read more


CHEESE & CORN MAGGIEToday I gonna share you how to make cheese and corn maggie. Thisfood was now popular treading food for children and young people.Cheesyness make us crazy 🤤🍜.I think you all loved when you teast it.For new new recipes follow this website regularly. come let’s start .INGREDIENTS: