Malay Kopta Kari

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 Let’s start today’s recipe.  Today I will teach you how to make Malai Kopta Kari.

 Malay Kopta Kari

This is a Indian authentic cuisine and It is very quick to prepare. It is also very tasty to eat. You can eat it with roti, parota, luchi, pollau, fried rice, and rice.


 ·  100 grams of paneer

. Boiled potatoes( two medium size )

.  Raw chillies ( chopped )

 · 2 teaspoons of grated ginger

 ·  Tomatoes 1 large size diced

 ·  refined oil 100 grams

.   White Flour 3 tbsp

 · Like the amount of salt

 · 4 whole raw chilies

 ·  A bay leaf

 .Sugar 1½ tsp

 ·  Turmeric powder half teaspoon

 ·  Coriander powder half teaspoon

 · 7 to 8 cashew nuts

 · Rice bran 2 tsp

 ·1 teaspoon of whole cumin seeds

 · Dry chili 1 ps

 ·   Whole garam masala 1 tsp

 · Kasauri fenugreek half teaspoon

 · Cream 4 tsp


 In a bowl, mash paneer and mash boiled potatoes and flour, salt, 1½ tsp sugar, crushed raw chillies, hot masala powder and take them into round or long shapes as you like.

 Then heat the oil in a pan and fry the koptas on medium flame. If the koptas come to one side, flip them to the other side.

 Now we will make the curry masala.  Remove the unnecessary oil from the pan and add whole cumin seeds, whole garam masala, one bay leaf, dry chillies, fry ginger and then cut tomatoes and 4 green chillies, cashew nuts, rice kernels and turmeric, coriander jaggery, salt.  Stir the masala for 3 minutes and cool it a bit. Pick up the bay leaf and beat the masala in the mixer

 Heat oil and saute it with masala on medium flame then add fresh cream and kasauri methi. Pour the hot garam masala on one side of the fried kopta and garnish with coriander leaves and green chillies on the other side with cream.

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